Tax law changes made just before the holidays mean some slow down in processing for the Internal Revenue Service.  Ktwo radio's, Karen Snyder has details...

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Karen Connelly spokesperson for the IRS says because of the reinstatement of certain deductions on December 17th some filers will need to wait until mid to late February.  "Those claiming itemized deductions on a Schedule A , those claiming the higher education tuition and fees deduction,  and educator expense deduction.  The IRS is asking them to wait until mid to late February so we can get our computers program and get the correct forms and publications out"

Connelly says taxpayers who fall into one of those three categories,  whether hard copy or e-file will all need to wait.

"Right now if you go into our taxpayer assistance centers or if you go on to our website to try to find a schedule A for this year it is not currently available.  So we're waiting to get those forms updated and  get them out and also to get our computers programed to accept the information that would be filled out on a Schedule A either electronically  or on paper."

Connelly says updates will be available on the IRS website letting tax payers know when forms become available.