Yellowstone National Park

Smoked: Judge Sentences Woman With 290 Pounds Of Pot In Yellowstone
A West Virginia woman was sentenced in federal court to five years behind bars for trafficking 290 pounds of marijuana in her RV in Yellowstone National Park in May.
Daphne Watkins also will be required to undergo a psychological evaluation and mental health treatment, and will be on probation after …
Yellowstone Pot Lady Set to Change Not Guilty Plea
A woman will change her not guilty plea this week on a charge of hauling 290 pounds of marijuana in her recreational vehicle while in Yellowstone National Park in May, according to federal court records.
Daphne Watkins, 52, is scheduled to appear before Judge Kelly Rankin in U...
Yellowstone Officials: Evacuation Story A Hoax
A story published on the internet recently that claimed Yellowstone National Park had been evacuated because of fears that the park's supervolcano was going to erupt soon, simply isn't true. That's according to Yellowstone National Park spokesman Al Nash.

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