Wyoming History

The Closest Election in Wyoming History
In yesterday's primary election, House District 41 Republican candidate Bill Henderson defeated his opponent Patrick Fitzgerald by one vote, 583 to 582. Another race was decided by four votes.
Interestingly, Henderson's victory was not the closest election in Wyoming history...
The Five Most Famous Horses in Wyoming History
It's estimated that horses first arrived in Wyoming around 1740 after Native American tribes drove Spanish explorers north from present day New Mexico. The descendants of those horses still roam free in the Red Desert of southwestern Wyoming...
A Tribute to Wyoming’s First War Hero, Charles Duval Roberts
This weekend, we remember the brave men and women who gave their lives for our country.
Five soldiers who were either born or lived in Wyoming have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Here's a tribute to the first Wyoming native to receive the nation's highest military …

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