More Wildfires In Wyoming Over Weekend
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Another weekend with more wildfires starting across Wyoming and firefighters quickly responding. State Forester Bill Crapser says there was a lot of activity over the weekend statewide, especially in Sheridan, Campbell and Crook counties in northern Wyoming. Crapser says…
Gas Prices Jump A Nickel Over The Weekend
NEW YORK (AP) — The price of gasoline has reached $3.80 per gallon after jumping by nearly a nickel over the weekend. Experts say pump prices are rising on the expectation that supplies will dip next month while refineries switch from winter to summer gasoline blends. Forecasts see gas rising…
Weekend Forecast With Julie Soper [AUDIO]
The work week ended with cooler, drier air leaving the state. The weekend will bring in moisture from the southwest and destabilizing the atmosphere enough for thunderstorms to pop up, especially in Wyoming’s southeast corner. Weekend forecast with Julie Soper:
Weekend Forecast With Don Day [AUDIO]
Beautiful weather for Friday, warm in the 80s and skies clear even of those pesky late-day thunderstorms. And the weekend is going to continue with warmth and clears skies. Weekend forecast with Don Day:
Weekend Forecast With Don Day [AUDIO]
The daytime temperatures will crowd the limits to 90 degrees, and the afternoon and evening thunderstorms will be scattered. Where they will most likely gather is in the mountainous areas of the state. Weekend forecast with Don Day:
Weekend Forecast With Julie Soper [AUDIO]
Friday was a day of beautiful late-July weather, clear blue skies, warm temperatures, slight breezes. The weekend will continue the pleasant summer days, with most of Wyoming clear of any threat of thunderstorms, although there is a slight chance along the eastern and southern edges of the state. We…
Weekend Forecast With Julie Soper [AUDIO]
Temperatures will edge up to slightly above normal during the weekend. With breezy days in the 90s and overnight temperatures in the low 60s, the skies will be relatively clear until late Sunday when another system of subtropical moisture starts to move in for the beginning of the week. Weekend fore…
Weekend Forecast With Don Day [AUDIO]
The pattern of afternoon and evening thunderstorms continues. The weekend is expected to see some lessening of thunderstorm intensity for the central part of Wyoming, but the southern half of the state, particularly along the I-80 corridor will still be harried with localized thunderstorms and conce…
Weekend Forcast With Don Day [AUDIO]
The weather will warm up during the weekend, but it won’t get too warm.  With the warmer days, we can expect afternoon and evening thunderstorms with hit and miss precipitation. Weekend forecast with Don Day:

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