Livestock Exports A Bright Spot For Ag In 2011
For the nations livestock producers profits were minimal  in 2011. That according to a USDA analyst who says there was one exception.
"The export market really has been a bright spot."
Agriculture Department Chief Economists, Joe Glauber, says exports helped prop up prices over …
Vilsack Spells Out Sage Grouse Plan
Instead of tackling all the threats to the sage grouse in a massive land area the USDA's Natural Resources and Conservation Services and its partners are focusing efforts on specific landscapes in the west.
$28.8 million  are being dedicated to Wyoming and 10 other states...
Smokey The Bear Goes HiTech
The bear not only goes Hitech, but is getting a makeover.
Ya gotta listen to this one...
click here for app downloads,
USDA Holds Firm on Overall Food Price Forecast [AUDIO]
Doug Randall reports that the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services will hold public meetings around the state go gather feedback. U.S.D.A economist Ephraim Liebtag says overall food prices will rise between 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 percent this year. Click past the jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Flood Relief Dried Up By Budget Cuts?
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is offering a myriad of programs and services to help farmers, ranchers, and rural residents effected by Missouri river flooding in neighboring states. Funds have also gone out for other natural disasters this spring, but Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack in touri…
2011 Fire Season Already A Hot One
As wildfires consume several thousand acres in the southwest, U.S. Forest Service Chief, Tom Tidwell notes, "So far the 2011 fire season has been relatively severe. More than 4 million acres have burned across the country, which is more than twice the to-date 10 year average. Parts of the sout…
Recognizing The International Year of Forests
The USDA and U.S. Forest Service Officials joined counterparts around the world last week to celebrate the International Year of Forests.
"We've partnered with a lot of other associations, most notably the National Association of State Foresters and with the American Forest Foundation t…
Midwest, Edgerton Seek Firefighting EQ Dollars
Fire fighting equipment doesn't fit very well into the fire hall in Midwest and two of their trucks have been downgraded after 30 years of service.
The towns of Edgerton and Midwest are both in sore need of a firefighting  upgrade.  Recognizing their need  the towns are looking for the dollars to mak…
New Attack Plan As Wildfire Season Begins
The wildfire season seems well on its way down in Colorado where another fire this weekend destroy homes west of Fort Collins.
Federal wildfire experts are preparing for the season with a new wild-land fire prevention and management plan.

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