8 Wyoming Residents Diagnosed With Rabbit Fever
Health officials are warning residents to keep an eye on their pets and other wildlife after several people around the state have been diagnosed with tularemia, better known as rabbit fever.
"We've had eight confirmed cases of tularemia and that's among humans," said Wyomi…
Rabbit Fever Confirmed Near Guernsey
Tularemia has been diagnosed in two cottontail rabbits a few miles northeast of Guernsey.
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says a landowner along Whelen Canyon Road discovered about 20 dead rabbits. Two of the rabbits were sent to the Game and Fish's Wildlife Diseases Laboratory and both tes…
Possible Tularemia Case Triggers Health Dept Warning
Following a possible Tularemia diagnoses in a local dog, Natrona County health officials are encouraging folks to take precautions.
"What we wanted to do here at the health department was to take this opportunity to remind folks that Tularemia is here...