Secretary of State

Secretary of State Murray on Voter Turnout [VIDEO]
Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says he's taking steps to identify and address the causes of that "abysmal" voter turnout rate among the 18-24 age demographic.
"In having this round-table and trying to understand the underlying reasons as to the cause of the…
Kerry Looking For Common Ground On Syria
MOSCOW (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry says he's hoping to find some "common ground" with Russia on how to deal with Syria's civil war.
He spoke as he entered a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The U.S. is looking for Russia to take a tou…
Secretary of State Warns of Business Identity Theft
Identity theft happens to businesses much like it does to individuals and nationwide secretaries of state are collaborating on an effort to prevent business identity theft.
Wyoming Secretary of State, Max Maxfield, says, in a step towards prevention, they've set up a website where business owner…