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Casper Police Busy With 1st Day Of School Citations And Arrests
Sergeant Scott Jones of the Casper Police Department reported that the first day of school was a busy one for writing citations and making arrests while enforcing school zones across Casper. The Casper Police Department Traffic Unit, enhanced with 6 additional officers on the streets, made a number…
Over 50 Citations Written For Speeding In New School Zone
After a number of complaints from people in the area, a school zone on 12th street in the area of Donegal and Stafford streets has been reestablished and is being strictly enforced to remind the driving public of the changes.
This note comes to us from the Casper Police Department,
The school zone alo…
Increased Patrols in Casper School Zones Starting Monday
Officials with the Caper Police Department say motorists can expect increased patrols and stricter enforcement in school zones throughout the city of Casper starting Monday.
Sgt. Pete Abrams, who's with the Casper Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit, says enhanced enforcement in city school …