Game And Fish Seeks Help On Jeffrey City Deer Poaching
South Riverton Game Warden Brad Gibb is seeking information about an adult buck mule deer illegally shot in the town of Jeffrey City. This crime occurred on Wednesday, October 22. Gibb says that according to an account “The eyewitness heard a rifle shot at approximately 6:45 pm and then witne…
AK-47 Used To Poach Antelope, Game And Fish Request Help
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking information on a shooting of pronghorn antelope west of Casper off 33 Mile Road.
The pronghorn were shot and killed on the evening of Sept. 26 around 5 p.m.
Daniel Beach, west Casper game warden says,
“The pronghorn were shot from the vehicle with an AK47…
Sweetwater Poaching Investigated by Wyoming Game & Fish
(Photo: banspy, pixlr.com) The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reports that six elk were recently poached in Sweetwater County. The agency says the poaching occurred in two areas on Aspen Mountain, south of Rock Springs. Two yearling bull elk were shot and left to rot in one area, while a bull and …

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