Oil Prices

Oil Rises On Bullish US Manufacturing Data
NEW YORK (AP) — The price of oil is climbing on reports that U.S. factories have cranked into a higher gear.
Benchmark U.S. crude increased Monday by $1.07 to $104.09 per barrel in New York while Brent crude rose by 68 cents to $123...
Oil Prices Fall As Supplies Grow
NEW YORK (AP) — Oil prices are falling because U.S. supplies have increased and Western nations may be considering a release of additional barrels onto the world market.
Benchmark U.S. crude fell $2.25, or 2.1 percent, to $105.09 per barrel in New York while Brent crude lost $1...
Oil Prices Rise On Unexpected Supply Drop
NEW YORK (AP) — Oil prices are higher following a government report that U.S. supplies unexpectedly dropped last week.
The Energy Information Administration said Wednesday that oil supplies fell by 1.2 million barrels. Analysts expected supplies to grow by 2...
Oil Prices Lower After Supply Report
NEW YORK (AP) — The price of oil is lower Wednesday, after the government reported that supplies rose last week, as analysts expected.
Gasoline pump prices continued to climb, rising to a national average of $3.811 per gallon.
Benchmark crude fell by 61 cents to $106...
Oil Prices Up Slightly After US GDP Revision
NEW YORK (AP) — The price of oil is slightly higher Wednesday. Investors are weighing a higher estimate from the government on U.S. economic growth against an industry report showing a decline in oil demand.
Oil demand in the U.S. has tumbled as prices rose to nine-month highs...
Oil Prices Rise After U.S. Supply Report
NEW YORK (AP) — Oil prices are higher Wednesday following government reports that U.S. supplies didn't grow as much as expected last week.
Benchmark U.S. crude rose 25 cents to $98.65 per barrel. Brent crude rose 41 cents to $116.64 per barrel in London...
Oil Prices Climb As Iran Threatens EU Supply Cut
NEW YORK (AP) — Oil prices are rising as Iran again threatens to cut off supplies to Europe.
Iranian lawmakers are pushing a plan to stop exporting crude to Europe before the European Union begins an oil embargo this summer. The EU and the U...
Oil Prices Steady As Demand Falls In U.S.
NEW YORK (AP) — Oil prices are flat Wednesday following economic reports that showed U.S. factories are cranking into a higher gear while energy demand remains weak.
Benchmark crude slipped 8 cents to $98.40 per barrel in New York. Brent crude rose $1...
Oil Hovers Near $100 Amid Iran Tensions
BANGKOK (AP) — Crude prices were steady Friday amid a weaker U.S. dollar and expectations that Europe will be able to find oil elsewhere if Iran makes good on its threat to immediately halt exports to the region.
Benchmark crude for March delivery was down 12 cents at $99...

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