Natrona County Emergency Management

Casper Fire Station Swamped In Donations
Area residents have overwhelmed the Casper Fire Department with donations of water, Gatorade and snacks for crews battling the “Sheep Herder Hill” fire.
Officials with Natrona County Emergency Management say Casper Fire Station #3 has been inundated with donated items...
College Security Exercises Scheduled For September
"Anytime there's a tragedy like this on the national scale every public safety manager, whether they're law enforcement or security, regardless of the jurisdiction, gathers information and analyzes what happened".
That comment comes from Director of Security at Casper Col…
CodeRED Now For Android
CodeRED the Natrona County Emergency Mass Notification system in place for the last month is now available as an App for most smartphones.
Emergency Management Coordinator, Lt. Stew Anderson says they just got word on Tuesday that a codeRED version for Android phones is now available along with the …

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