NASA Astrogeologist Visits Casper For Free Presentation
A decade after they landed on the surface of Mars, rovers Spirit and Opportunity continue to explore the Red Planet and send back valuable information for scientists. One of the leaders of the NASA Mars Exploration Rover Project will be in Casper for a free public lecture...
NASA: Space Station Power System Radiator Leaking
WASHINGTON (AP) — The International Space Station has a radiator leak in its power system. The outpost's commander calls the situation serious, but not life-threatening.
The six-member crew on Thursday noticed white flakes of ammonia leaking out of the station...
Expert Panel: NASA Seems Lost In Space, Needs Goal
WASHINGTON (AP) — A panel of outside experts says NASA is adrift without a coherent vision for where it should be going.
The report is by the National Academy of Sciences. But the panel doesn't blame the space agency. It faults the president, Congress and the nation...

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