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Live Best With Judy Barbe: Grapes
Bet you can’t eat just one. A grape, that is. In fact, I’d recommend 16. That ½-cup serving gets you closer to the 1/1/2 to 2 cups you need daily. Choose grapes of all colors – red, green, and black.
Live Best With Judy Barbe: Sitting
Americans spend most of their waking hours sitting. Sitting at a desk, watching TV, working the crossword puzzle, reading, playing video games, emailing, text messaging, and using the Internet.
Live Best With Judy Barbe: Peaches
Think about a peach so ripe that the juice drips down your arm. Now that’s a good piece of fruit. Have you eaten one yet this year? Do it now because it’s peach season. You’ll find the best flavor and the lowest prices.
Live Best With Judy Barbe: Fish
Is fish on your menu this week? If not, it should be. Fish is a quick dinner solution that’s good for you. Enjoy baked, steamed, or grilled fish a couple of times each week.

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