Judy Fossum

Wednesday Forecast With Judy Fossum [AUDIO]
Wednesday was warm, touching as high as 90 degrees in some areas. The dryness of the atmosphere continues with even fewer clouds and thunderstorms, with some areas so dry that areas in Wyoming are warned of extreme fire danger. Wednesday forecast with Judy Fossum:
Wednesday Forecast With Judy Fossum [AUDIO]
The thunderstorms are going to thin out even more, with the last rumbles ending Wednesday night. Thursday will see even fewer thunderstorms, with some off to the northern and eastern reaches of the state. Wednesday forecast with Judy Fossum:
Tuesday Forecast With Judy Fossum [AUDIO]
Tuesday saw some unusually high humidity for Wyoming as monsoonal moisture continued to flow into the state, making for severe thunderstorms and scattered rain showers. The flow of moisture will decrease Wednesday and temperatures are expected to rise. Tuesday forecast with Judy Fossum:
Monday Forecast With Judy Fossum [AUDIO]
Monday saw clear blue skies and yet cooler temperatures. Tuesday is expected to be warmer, with the possibility of maybe even getting hot in some places. The threat of thunderstorms is moderate, with some scattered thunderstorms leading a new weather system. Monday forecast with Judy Fossum: