Dallas Judkins Pleads Guilty To Burglarizing School
One of two Casper teens charged with stealing equipment from a school is admitting to it. Eighteen year old Dallas Judkins has pleaded guilty to one felony charge of burglary and one misdemeanor charge of property destruction. Investigators with the Casper Police Department say in middle August, the…
iPad Class Offered At Casper College
I have had my iPad for a little over three years and have been looking for a way to use it more to its capabilities. Here is a way for you and I both to figure those things out. A class to help those who have some iPad experience will be offered at Casper College […]
Apple Announces iPad 2
Apple made more news today as they announced the all new iPad 2. The announcement opened with Steve Jobs, looking “good”, relaying sales figures that Apple has seen over the past year. Then Jobs rolled into the big unveiling of iPad Part Deux. The iPad 2 ships March 11th! Jobs opened t…