2 Workers Injured In Rawlins Refinery Fire
RAWLINS, Wyo. (AP) — Two workers were injured during a brief fire at the same refinery near Rawlins where four workers were injured in another blaze last month.
Sinclair Oil. Corp. spokesman Clint Ensign tells the Associated Press in an email Tuesday  that the fired happened Friday night..…
Storms Injure 15 In Western North Carolina
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — At least 15 people were injured and at least 60 buildings damaged when a possible tornado struck two counties in western North Carolina, the National Weather Service said Thursday.
The storms struck in Rutherford and Burke counties late Wednesday afternoon as a cold front moved t…
Woman Breaks Hip in Hospital Lobby, Told to Call 911
If you’re going to fall and hurt yourself, you might think a hospital lobby is a pretty lucky place to do it. After all, the building does house doctors and nurses who can tend to you right away.
That’s what 82-year-old Doreen Wallace thought. But she was wrong.

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