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Fatherhood Can Cause a Drop in Testosterone Levels
In the first study of its kind, researchers compared the testosterone level of men when they were single and childless to their testosterone level after they had had a child.
While testosterone always decreases when men age, the decline was much more pronounced among the men who …
Experts Believe 366 Million People Now Suffer from Diabetes
During a European meeting of the International Diabetes Federation, it was announced that 366 million people now suffer from the disease — and that number is only going up.
Since diabetes is most often diagnosed in middle age, experts believe the increase in cases is at least partially due to a…
Can Using Smaller Plates Help You Lose Weight?
New research suggests most people could easily lose up to two pounds a month simply by eating off smaller plates and focusing more on their food during mealtimes.
In one study, people ate 45 percent more popcorn when they were given a larger size of the snack food, and diners given a “bottomles…

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