Gun Control

Lawmakers Reject Bill Banning Local Gun-Control
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming lawmakers won't be considering a bill that would have banned local gun control laws, such as one recently passed in Casper.
The House rejected taking up House Bill 60 on Wednesday.
The bill was sponsored by state Rep...
Open Carry Restrictions Pass Second Reading
Proposed restrictions on the open carry of deadly weapons into city meetings passed on a 5 to 4 vote Tuesday evening. It was the second reading of the proposed changes at Casper city council's regular meeting.
Council members Schlager, Powell, Sarosy, Holloway and Meyer voted in favor of the cha…
Council Considers Weapon Restrictions
Casper City Council is considering creation of a city ordinance that could restrict the "open carry" of weapons at city meetings. The new concealed carry law that came into effect on July 1st already includes that restriction.
On Monday council discussed also prohibiting "open carry'' …
Jenning’s Conceal Carry Debate Continues
A bill allowing the carry of concealed weapons without a permit waits to be heard in the Wyoming House.
It's author, Senator Kit Jennings, meantime, takes issue with criticism of the way the policy would work.
Swiss Citizens Stick to their Guns
From the Wall Street Journal
Switzerland may cherish its neutrality, but under that peaceful exterior lies a citizenry armed to the teeth. And they mean to stay that way: Swiss voters have just spurned a referendum that would have stopped its soldiers from keeping weapons in the home and tightened up…
Enzi On Guns And Security Post Tucson
A visit to Casper and an address before a Lions Club Luncheon had no additional security for U.S. Senator Mike Enzi this week.
The senior senator says he's making absolutely no changes to the way he operates and says the shootings in Tucson were an isolated incident that changes to gun laws woul…