Governor Matt Mead

Wyoming Officials Applaud Education Law
A new federal education law is getting high marks from the state's top education official as well as Governor Matt Mead and the state's congressional delegation.
State Superintendent Jillian Balow and Governor Mead both addressed the state's first-ever Superintendent's Policy Summ…
Asset Forfeiture Changes Proposed
Some Wyoming lawmakers are pushing a new bill that would require the state to secure criminal convictions to support forfeiture actions that take cash and other assets from people law enforcement authorities suspect of involvement in the illegal drug trade.
Funding for Wyoming School Construction is Drying Up
Governor Matt Mead says he's working with lawmakers to try to figure out how to fund K-12 schools in the future.
The state normally gets coal lease bonus money for school construction, but those funds are drying up as the demand for coal continues to drop...

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