Gardeners Tips For Wildlife Deterents
Horticulturalists at the U-W Agricultural Resource Center in Casper have lots of experience trying to keep hungry wildlife out of gardens and away from landscaping in the winter months.
"There've been a few years when we  missed getting the protection up for the plants before they …
Mulch Now For A Healthy Garden Next Spring
With cold weather heading in, gardeners might want to think about whether they have plants that need mulching.
"With our perennial beds, even with trees and shrubs it's a good idea to get a layer of mulch on the soil, so there's some insulation to keep our perennials and trees and …
University of Wyoming Publishes Guide To Local Foods
A new publication is out called "Wyoming Local Foods; The Guide", Donna Cuin, horticulturalist for the University Agricultural Extension Office says it was put together by a group of UW educators.
"That's come out with growers and producers based on what they produce a…
Spring Plant Sale Calls For Donations [PHOTOS]
Gardeners who attended the Master Gardener's Spring Conference this past weekend came away with a wealth of new ideas and facts, but it doesn't stop there.  Next month, the University Ag Resource Center, home of the Natrona County Master Gardener program, hosts its spring sale.
Update to Weed And Pest Law Proposed
Wyoming's Weed and Pest Act was one of the first of its kind in the nation.  Drafted in 1973,  Lawmakers now want to make some changes.
Brian Connelly, Director of the Natrona County Weed and Pest Control District,  says they want to modernize the act,   "modernize the definitions,  include some…