Garden Creek

Yearling Black Bear Spotted, Likely Candidate For Relocation
A yearling black bear has been sighted multiple times around the Garden Creek area in recent days.
Robin Kepple for the Casper Game Fish Offices, says they've set a trap and believe the young bear should be a good candidate for relocation, because its not gotten into trouble and doesn't app…
Garden Creek Falls Rushing! [VIDEO]
Garden Creek originates on Casper Mountain, near the central crest of the mountain. The creek runs through Rotary Park near the base of the mountain, plunging beautifully over a cliff to form the Garden Creek falls. The creek then runs south under Wyoming Boulevard and west of Poplar Street, through…
Casper’s Deer Target Of G&F Proposal
An excess of mule deer in the city of Casper and south to the mountain may be addressed with changes to a long closed deer hunt area.
The Casper Game and Fish Department wants to discuss that possibility with the public later next month.