food price inflation

Food Price Inflation May Be Slowing Down
The latest government report on inflation has some good news for food shoppers.
Over the next decade agriculture analysts predict food price inflation will tag just behind the general inflation rate.
U.S. Department of Agriculture Analyst, David Stalling says this is good news after a five percent ove…
Food Price Inflation Hits Consumers Hardest At The Grocers
With just days left until the end of 2011 the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that food prices this year went up about 3.5 percent. Ag Department Economist, Ricky Volpe, says prices for foods eaten at restaurants went up about 2 percent while foods bought at the grocery store shot up much mo…
Upwardly Mobile Food Prices Likely
Agriculture officials warn that food prices will likely continue to rise this year.
As costs for food production go up so goes the price at the grocery story.  U.S Agriculture Department  Chief Economist, Joe Glauber...