VA Secretary: Shutdown Could Hit Millions of Vets
Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is spelling out some of the dire consequences for veterans of a long-term government shutdown, with about 3.8 million veterans not getting a disability check next month if the shutdown continues into late October.
Is Santa Claus a Republican or a Democrat? [POLL]
I thought that once the presidential elections were done, folks would stop turning everything I post on Facebook into a political statement. They didn’t, and even poor Santa is not immune. So, we wanted to take it to our listeners… Is Santa a Republican or a Democrat? (I hate to tell y…
Former State Legislator Hopes To Regain House District 59 Seat
The state legislative seat representing Wyoming House District 59 is one of two challenged races in Natrona County.  Mike Gilmore, a Casper Democrat, represented that district previously from 2009-2010. He lost the seat in the last election cycle and now he’d like to take it back. He say…

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