Craig Hedquist

Casper City Council Approves Fire Alarm Ordinance
Casper City Council approved the first reading of its nuisance fire alarm ordinance Tuesday night.
Under the ordinance, which was passed 7-2, homeowners and business owners with registered alarm systems will get two free false fire alarms annually, but will be subject to a $100 fine for a third false…
Hedquist Public Hearing to Occur April 29
An unprecedented informal public hearing involving Casper City Council and embattled Ward II councilman Craig Hedquist has been scheduled for later this month.
The resolution, which was passed by a 6-2 margin Tuesday night, not only schedules the Apr...
Hedquist May Face April 29 Public Hearing
Casper City Council will decide whether to move forward with an informal public hearing against Ward II councilman Craig Hedquist that would occur later this month.
City officials say the hearing would occur in place of a contested case hearing against the councilman...

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