Community Promotions

Council to Discuss Community Promotions on Tuesday
Casper City Council will discuss which organizations made the cut for community promotions funding during a regular work session on Tuesday.
Councilors have spent the last two weeks reviewing 36 applications from organizations requesting funds and the use of facilities to help put on certain events i…
Casper City Council Reviewing Community Promotions Applicants
City councilors in Casper are underway evaluating community promotions applications.
Councilors will review 36 applications from city-based organizations that are requesting funds from the city for certain events.
Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager said councilors will evaluate whether each proposed event w…
Casper City Council Reviews Community Promotions Guidelines
Casper City Council reviewed its criteria for helping facilitate certain community events at its Tuesday work session.
Councilors discussed whether to introduce a new round of questioning into its community promotions process where councilors would assess whether events mentioned in aid proposals wou…