Casper Municipal Golf Course

Golf Course Fee Hike Approved by Casper City Council
City councilors in Casper have passed a resolution establishing the new fee schedule at the Casper Municipal Golf Course.
Council on Tuesday agreed to raise usage fees at the golf course for the first time in 14 years, increasing the season pass fee $35 to $535 and the half-season pass fee $25 to $35…
New Irrigation System at Golf Course to be Installed
The city of Casper will pay roughly $1.33 million to replace outdated sections of the irrigation system at the Casper Municipal Golf Course.
Casper City Council approved the resolution 8-1 during its regular session on Tuesday. Ward II councilman Craig Hedquist was the lone dissenting vote...
Casper Muni Golf Course, No Changes Imminent
No action, decision or discussion so far on the fate of the Municipal Golf Course in Casper. A number of options are on the table from, do nothing, to, refurbish and add a Three Par Course. A consultant hired by the city came back, last month, with a recommendation to city officials that they sell o…

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