Casper indoor smoking ban

Petition For Referendum On Smoke Free Ordinance Falls Short
A referendum on the city of Casper's recently created public indoor smoking ban won't happen.
"We're very disappointed. We're disappointed for the community in that the community doesn't get to vote on their feelings."
Casper Businessman, Pat Sweeney, was the driving force behind the petitio…
Referendum Signature Verification Drags
It's taking longer than city officials expected to verify signatures on a petition drive that seeks to overturn Casper's public indoor smoking ban.
Administrative Services Director for the city, V.H. McDonald, says they were overly optimistic...
Sandbar’s Patio Restrictions Lifted
Casper city council commended management of the Sandbar Lounge for improvements made as they agreed Tuesday to lift the 10 p.m. closure restriction on the outdoor patio there. Councilman Paul Meyer noted a reduction in bar fights and a clean up of the area surrounding the bar on West 1st Street...
Smoke Free Natrona County Confident Ordinance Will Stand
Smoke Free Natrona County, the coalition of individuals and businesses who supported the development of an indoor public smoking ban for the city of Casper, are confident the ordinance, if brought to a vote of the people, will stand.
An opposition group is gathering signatures calling for a referendu…
Smoking Ordinance Passes First Reading
A five to three vote passed the first reading of a public indoor smoking ban for Casper.
It was long night with both sides of the issue well represented at Tuesday's Casper City Council meeting.
Some thirty individuals spoke, with opposition and support alternating over two and half hours...