Casper College

Tbirds Offer Basketball And Volleyball Camps In June
Registrations are now being taken for Casper College’s annual summer basketball and volleyball camps held in June.
All three camps will be run by Casper College coaches and Thunderbird players and will emphasize fundamentals and one-on-one instruction...
Harlem Ambassadors Come To Casper To Benefit NAMI [VIDEO]
The Harlem Ambassadors come to Casper for a game at Casper College T-Bird Gym on Saturday, May 18th at 7PM.
The Harlem Ambassadors offer a unique brand of basketball with slam dunks,amazing ball-handling skills and comedy routines to keep the audience engaged and entertained...
Amethyst Cathedral Raffled To Benefit Tate Museum
A 30-inch amethyst cathedral is being raffled off by the Tate Geological Museum, with raffle tickets available at the museum through the day of the drawing on Saturday, June 1, 2013. A Cathedral is an explanation for a tall geode that when broken open reveals the beauty inside...

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