Casper City Council

Hedquist Returns to Casper City Council
Despite six of eight councilmembers formally requesting his resignation last week, embattled Ward II city councilman Craig Hedquist was in attendance for Casper City Council's regular session on Tuesday.
It was the first time since May 6 that Hedquist made a public appearance at Casper City Hall…
Gabe Phillips Announces City Council Candidacy
The owner of a martial arts studio announced his candidacy to represent Ward 1 on the nonpartisan Casper City Council.
Gabriel "Gabe" Phillips wasn't interested in running for office, but he's fed up with dysfunctional government on a local and national level, he said...
Council Votes to Ask Hedquist to Resign
Depending on your point of view, it was an expression of the will of the Casper City Council, or an exercise in futility.
Thursday night, in an, at times, acrimonious meeting, the council voted 6 to 2 to ask fellow Councilman Craig Hedquist to resign...
Cable Channel 3 Contract to Be Reviewed on Tuesday
Casper City Council is scheduled to review the progress of the city-owned Cable Channel 3 at its scheduled work session this Tuesday.
Nearly a year ago, council entered into a $44,500 contract with Casper-based television production firm Wolf Gang of Wyoming to add new programming to what was, at tha…
Casper City Council Approves Fire Alarm Ordinance
Casper City Council approved the first reading of its nuisance fire alarm ordinance Tuesday night.
Under the ordinance, which was passed 7-2, homeowners and business owners with registered alarm systems will get two free false fire alarms annually, but will be subject to a $100 fine for a third false…

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