Bureau of Reclamation

River Up Again This Week
North Platte River levels will go up again this week as the Bureau of Reclamation works to get a jump on water runoff.  Starting  Monday night  and continuing to Wednesday, Bureau Supervisor, John Lawson, says they'll make incremental increases from 4500 to 5000 cubic feet per se…
The River Runs High
You know the river's high and fast and according to officials at the Natural Resources Conservation Service its only the beginning. The N-R-C-S issued high water runoff notifications Monday for much of the state.
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Alcova Refill Starts April 1st
Water levels at Alcova go up ten feet in April as the Bureau of Reclamation does the annual reservoir refill in anticipation of the irrigation season.
Area Manager, John Lawson says, while the refill itself is standard, it will play a role in alleviating expected high runoff and inflow into the entir…
River Ice Slows Upper Reservoir Release
Federal reservoir managers began releasing water into the North Platte in eastern Wyoming, making room for heavy runoff from deep snow, but ice on the river and fluctuating temperatures will slow releases upriver.
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