Alcova Lake Begins To Rise April 1st
The Bureau of Reclamation announced in a press release earlier this week that the annual filling of Alcova Reservoir will began on Wednesday, Apr. 1, 2015.
Deputy Wyoming Area Manager, Lyle Myler said,
“This increase in reservoir level will be completed by May 1 to allow deliveries to the Casper-Alco…
BLM Invites Ideas on Horse Control
The US Bureau of Land Management is looking for ideas and made this announcement Thursday.
The Bureau of Land Management is extending to May 28, 2014, its application deadline for research proposals aimed at controlling the population growth of wild horses and burros that roam public lands in the Wes…
Nevada Rancher Bundy Condemned for Racist Remarks
LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Nevada rancher at the center of a national feud with the federal government over cattle grazing is facing sharp criticism for racist comments he made that were published in a New York Times article.
Cliven Bundy was quoted in the Times story making disparaging remarks about b…

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