Angela Emery Executive Director

Amoco Park Trailhead Set for a Makeover
Before you reach the rapids of the Whitewater Park, you need to navigate the slows of the Platte River Parkway south of the river and just east of the Tate Pumphouse.
And before you navigate the rip rap at the Whitewater Park, you need to pick through the pot holes in the parking lot of the first tra…
Spring Clean For The River Trails
The Platte River Parkway gets its annual spring cleaning this Saturday morning.  Platte River Parkway Trust Executive Director, Angela Emery, says the tradition pre-dates her.
"I think it started back 15 years ago or so. The Parkway Board was saying, 'Hey, we need to clean up the trail after the…
New Ideas For Platte River Parkway Unveiled [VIDEO]
Upcoming enhancements and proposals for one cent funds were on display at the Platte River Parkway Trust annual meeting this week.
Board members met with the public to talk about the vision for the trail as it continues to expand in length and in popularity...