Officials Discuss Management of Old Happy Jack Ski Area
Members of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Forest Service officials met Monday to discuss a course of action after recent sledding accidents at the old Happy Jack ski area.
No formal decisions were made at the meeting, but spokesmen said the agencies would work closel…
Slow Down To Avoid Wildlife Collisions
As the weather changes, many big game animals leave their summer and fall ranges to head for traditional wintering areas.
Some animals move significant distances while others only move a few miles…but regardless of the distance, migration does occur every year and the migration routes often lead ani…
Icy Roads Blamed For Crashes Around Rawlins
RAWLINS, Wyo. (AP) — Icy road conditions are blamed for a number of crashes around Rawlins, including two separate ones involving semitrailers.
One truck slid off Interstate 80 Wednesday night, spilling its load of clementine oranges...

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