Recognizing students as the digital natives that they are, Natrona County School District expects to partner with them as they move forward with a new technology policy.

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"Its kind of the concept that kids are users of this equipment so much more naturally than some of us who saw the first calculator come on the market."

Mark Mathern, associate superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction says a role reversal with students training teachers will likely come as part of implementing a new tech policy for the district.

"It's a pretty solid policy and it really addresses a lot of areas.  Everything from using quality standards, to providing safe environments, to making sure the infrastructure is working."

Infrastructure overload was a problem at Frontier Middle School when it opened a few years back and 400 laptops flooded the system.

Mathern says filtering of social media sites is another change that's taken place.

The new policy, Mathern says, should ensure the best use of a multi-million dollar investment in laptops and other tech tools.