Assessments so far find 37 structures burned on the mountain, but Natrona County Emergency Manager, Stu Anderson pointed out at a public meeting on Wednesday that nobody has been killed or hurt.

He says parts of the mountain look really different now, "and unfortunately we were identifying places and homeowners and we had to tell some of you some bad news."

Anderson gave an emotional apology for the slowness of the process. He says they're moving as fast as they can, because he realizes, "knowing is better then not knowing".

He says the area is extremely hot. "There's still a lot of smoke, still a lot of heat in the ground, and the other big danger is falling snags, and we don't want to be taking anybody in there and have a big black tree fall on them."

All evacuations remain in place as do all pre-evacuation notices.

He says getting people back up to there properties will be the priority once it's deemed safe.

Residents living east of Hat Six Road were told they would be allowed to return to their homes on Wednesday evening.

A second community meeting on the Sheep Herder Hill Fire Complex will be held on Friday 5 pm at City Hall.