Saturday, January 21st the Wyoming Stock Growers Association is going on a trip to Denver for the Wyoming Day celebration and rodeo, and the more, the merrier. Everybody's invited:

"It's pretty fun for us to be able to go to the Wyoming Day Rodeo where the governor and our president of the Stockgrowers are usually escorted around the arena in a horse drawn stagecoach and we're able to really revel in the celebration of being Wyomingites and being involved in the ag industry."

Liz Lauck, communications director the Wyoming Stockgrower's Association says you don't have to ride the bus to Wyoming Day at the National Western Stock Show and you can still join them for lunch.

Road trip to Denver:

"Join us on the bus and head down and enjoy the day with us; we charge 95 dollars per person, and there's also an option if you'd like to travel to Denver on your own, we're able to provide the lunch and rodeo only price of 40 dollars per person."

And, even though people may not realize it, people are involved in the ag industry.

Agricultural producers:

"Agriculture is the number three industry in this state. Right now, the average consumer is at least three generations removed from the land. There's less than 2 percent of the United States population that are actively involved in production agriculture, and yet everyone has a tie to it because they eat the food that we produce and they wear the clothes that come from the fiber that we produce."

For more information, you can call (307)638-3942, or you can register on their website.

Registration deadline:

"We'd be happy to direct them to our website at where they can find a registration form, and those registration forms must be received with payment by January 19th."