Bison for sale, seven calves and five adult bison. Wyoming is selling surplus bison from Hot Springs State Park. Offered for sale are two heifer calves, five bull calves, two bull bison and three heifer bison.

Written bids to Hot Springs Park:

"Need to contact Hot Springs State Park. The sale is done through written bids, and the park will accept the written bids until 5 pm on April 11th. And all the animals have been properly vaccinated."

Gary Schoene (shay' nee), spokesman for the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, says the inoculations include a vaccination against brucellosis.

When asked how genetically pure the bison were, Mr. Schoene said these bison are the real deal, which means they need a more substantial fence than three strands of barbed wire on a post.

Bison are not cattle:

"They're more towards the genetically pure. These are actual bison. They have not been intermixed with breeding with cattle."

Interested buyers will need to get the packet from Hot Springs State Park, which includes minimum bids for the bison, around $1,000. The number to call is (307) 864-2176. The man to talk to is Kevin Skates, park superintendent.

The bison will go to the highest bidder, and again, those written bids are due before 5 pm, April 11th. The address is 538 N Park St., Thermopolis, WY 82443. Successful buyers will be able to pick up their bison starting April 13th.