Purchase of Source Gas Property in the Old Yellowstone District went through this week. The sale should help spur further redevelopment in the Downtown Casper District...

Ktwo Radio's, Karen Snyder, has more...

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The Amoco Reuse Agreement Joint Powers Board stepped up to make the 1.6 million dollar purchase of the property at Spruce and Midwest from their economic development funds.

"Our intent is not to keep it for very long. We're not wanting to do any development ourselves. We merely want to provide a big chuck of property for some private develper to use and actually start some big kind of development in the Old Yellowstone District"

Scott Sissman, for the Joint Powers Board, says his board, wants to help along redevelopment of the district and they hope with this purchase and subsequent resale to do that within the of City Of Casper's vision for the area. As partners in the effort, the City, along with the Amoco Reuse Agreement Joint Powers Board, will put out requests for proposal for two separate offerings. Included on the property is the relatively historic Coca-Cola Building.  "The coke building, I dont think they designated it as historic, but for Casper I think its historic and probably could be designated that way and is a building I think ... folks  are interested in.  Ya know, kind of saving the outside and fixing up the inside."

Sissman says that's likely the only building that will be preserved.

Source Gas is expected to complete its move by next spring.