A five to three vote passed the first reading of a public indoor smoking ban for Casper.

It was long night with both sides of the issue well represented at Tuesday's Casper City Council meeting.

Some thirty individuals spoke, with opposition and support alternating over two and half hours.

An amendment that would exclude private clubs, like the Elks, has a good chance of passing when council considers changes at second reading.

One speaker made this point.

"A seven-hundred and fifty-dollar fine and six months jail time, I think that could ruin a persons life.  Seven hundred and fifty dollars is your average working persons two week salary."

Any changes were tabled  due to the late hour.

For the vote, council members Sarosy, Daubin, Powell and Holloway were in support and in the majority. Councilmen Bertoglio and Brauer remain opposed to the ordinance. Councilman Goodenough, who'd been vocally against the measure, abstained out of conflict of interest.