Armed with the Surgeon General's most recent report on the dangers of second hand smoke, the group "Smoke Free Natrona County" met with Casper city council last week.

"We were presenting that to the city council, because really we feel that the foundation of this is based on health."

Rachel Bailey is Campaign Manager for the group, "Smoke Free Natrona County" and she believes there's a lot of support for their efforts to establish smoke free ordinances, especially in Casper. The group is taking their educational efforts on to Mills and Evansville. She says they're focus is on city councils, because that's where the power to make the call lies.

"According to the Wyoming constitution the municipalities actual have home rule, its called home rule, where as the county commissioners actually do not.   So the municipalities or the cities actually have more power to enact rules and regulations."

Bailey says, coming up, the group will be conducting a poll to gauge public opinion on a workplace smoking ban and are taking air-quality measurements at work sites that allow smoking. Recently they joined with "Well Being of Wyoming" to host a "Smoke Free Beacon Evening" at the Beacon club in Mills. That was a day with out tobacco that Bailey says did not effect numbers coming to the club that day.

Next week the group meets with Natrona County Health Department officials in hopes of coming away with a resolution in support of their efforts.

Currently Cheyenne, Laramie, Evanston, Burlington and Mountain View have adopted comprehensive smoke free regulations.