A vigorous cold front is approaching Wyoming from the northwest.  Clouds will fill into western Wyoming through the afternoon, with showers and then a rain/snow mix to all snow to follow.  The mixed showers and wet snow will mainly be found in the mountains and in the higher elevations of the northwest.  There Winter Storm Watches and Winter Weather Advisories are in effect through 9 PM tonight.  Some lower elevation in the west may see some snow mix with the rain, but accumulations are not expected there.

Through the night showers and mixed showers will push into central Wyoming.  At the same time winds will continue to pick up ahead of the front in the south and east.  So far it appears that eastern counties will stay mainly dry through tonight.

The cold front continues to push further east on Thursday, with more showers in the western two thirds of the state and additional snow in the high country and mountains.  Later Thursday clouds will start to fill in on the eastern plains with showers moving in late.

Friday will feature cooler temperatures throughout the state and showers continuing throughout.