A new west side fire station for Natrona
County fire district is closer to a reality.

And the State Lands and Investment board has come through in more than one way for the fire district.

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The Wyoming State Lands and Investment Board has agreed to provide 1 million in matching funds to  help build a long awaited fire hall for Natrona County.

Residents living outside of Casper have, for some time, been petitioning the fire district to move a station further out into the county in order to provide faster response times.  Natrona County Fire District Chief Kevin Finn...

"Its not that were opposed to helping anybody, but we do need to be out in the county. We'll be taking better care of the people who fund us and that is the citizens of Natrona County."

The current fire station is located off of CY Avenue on Pheasant drive on Casper's west side. Sale of that property will bring in the additional $500,ooo needed for the new 2.5 million dollar building. Chief Finn says they want the new structure to be larger with two additional bays. Property located off of Robertson road, between Poison Spider and Zero Road, has already been secured.

Finn says the location means they will likely have access out onto the West Beltway when that's completed. In addition to building funds, SLIB has also ok'ed a match that will bring the fire district a new emergency response vehicle. That 80 some thousand dollar purchase is also made with a One-cent sales tax match and will replace a well worn vehicle that includes Jaws of Life extrication equipment...

"And that will be the truck that if you, say, had an accident out on the interstate and you need extrication or something like that or for any medical call. Its actually going to be stationed on the east side of the County, station 13."

Finn expects the new truck may be ready for duty this spring. However he's not ready to estimate when the new fire hall will be ready for use.