On a recent visit to the Shrine Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City, Utah, the 2012 Shrine Bowl players had the opportunity to meet a pretty special fellow.

On Monday June 4th, The North/South Shrine Bowl participants had the opportunity to travel to the hospital and knowing that the game is a fundraiser for the hospital, get a real feel for what they are playing for. As an introduction to the hospital and the day, Director of Public Relations Michael Babcock , played a video of a young football player who played with 2 prosthetic legs.

Here is that video.

After the images of that video sunk into a room full of football players, Michael Babcock asked if the young men assembled would like to meet young Hunter Woodhall. Immediately 88 voices answered with a resounding YES!

Hunter entered the room with a big smile on his face and a confident stride to the podium to address a room full of athletes that were only 5 or 6 years older than him. For the next couple of minutes , not another sound came from the room except Hunter's voice. Hunter talked about his experience at the hospital, the mindset that gets him through his life and the gratitude that he had for these players and what they were doing for the hospital and for him. Hunters speech was followed by a long and enthusiastic round of applause and a few tears as well.

Following the introduction, the players and coaches were asked to run a few plays and give the staff and patients an idea of the game plan for the upcoming week. Both North and South teams came up with plays that included and featured the athleticism of Hunter. Here are a few pictures of that in front of the hospital.

Hunter is 12 years old and a straight A student. An athlete that participates in soccer, basketball, football, baseball, wrestling, skiing, boogie boarding, rock wall climbing and roller blading. He even ran a 5K race last year to benefit the hospital. Hunters parents are convinced that the strength of their son will teach many a life lesson or two.

We have always tried to stress to him that he will touch many lives. We believe he will encourage some people who may not think they are capable of certain things.

He certainly touched a number of lives on that sunny Monday morning and made the two-a-day practices a little easier on a group of young men, who as they grow older,  may not remember all the aspects of the game they play on Saturday, but will never forget their time spent with a fellow football player who just wants to be given the chance to play.