Some may never have the physical attributes to become an athlete, so some athletes took some time to show them what it's like to be one.

All of the players and coaches taking part in the 40th annual Shrine Bowl Football Game this weekend in Casper, just returned from their visit to the Shriner's Hospital in Salt Lake City.

The game pits high school all-stars from across the cowboy state against each other, and it serves as a fundraiser for the hospital.

The trip was a learning experience for the coaches and players to understand the motto of the game...which is strong legs run, so that weak legs may walk.

Matthew Wigglesworth of Big Horn says the children's heart and desire might be bigger than what any athlete might possess.

"Although they haven't been dealt the best hand of cards in life, they can still be positive and optimistic, and what the Shriner's do for those kids is absolutely amazing."

Dewey Schwann of Powell says the patients were looking up at him, but in truth, it was the other way around.

"There was actually a kid there that he actually couldn't use his arms that well, so we gave him a basketball and he was kicking it up and it took him a long time, but he actually scored a basket, by using just his feet, so it was really a humbling experience, really cool to see how he overcame that obstacle."

The Shrine Bowl football game is scheduled for this Saturday June 8th, at 7om at Natrona County High School.