A man has been arrested in connection with the robbery of a Casper pharmacy.

28-year-old Derek Wood of Sheridan was arrested on Monday after being questioned by Casper Police investigators.

According to the police, Wood is believed to have entered a grocery store pharmacy on Casper's east side in mid-November, flashed a handgun and demanded pharmacy workers give him the drug Suboxone.

The suspect was given the drugs and then left, however one witnessed believed that they recognized the suspect as Wood and alerted police.

During questioning, police say that Wood confessed to the robbery, saying that he had recently been taken off the drug by a doctor, but feared that he would begin taking illegal narcotics without the use of Suboxone, which is sometimes used in treatment for opioid dependence and addiction.

Wood went on to say that he regretted the robbery and had flushed the Suboxone down the toilet at a roadside gas station while returning to Sheridan after the robbery.