Staff at Shepherd of the Valley Care Center say they feel like they're back on solid ground. That after hovering on a financial precipice earlier this year. This month the care facility in Paradise Valley began a partnership with Mission Health care out of Minnesota.

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Jill Hult, is CEO for Shepherd of the Valley and she says the partnership with Mission is the culmination of actions taken back in January when they realized they needed help.

"We wanted to continue serving the need in Casper, but the best way for us to do that was to sell Shepard  if we would be blessed enough to find an organization that would line up with our philosophy and mission statement then that would be the best of both worlds."

That mission statement includes offering their services regardless of a resident's ability to pay. Hult feels they've found the right partner in Mission Health care. Mission operates nursing and assisted living facilities in Minnesota and South Dakota. On March 1st Mission took over management and Hult anticipates the purchase of Shepard's assets by Mission in the coming months.  Bankruptcy was something Hult says they really did not want to have to do and this arrangement ensures that.

"We felt very strongly, the board did, that we had worked with vendors and other organizations across our community and across our state that have provided services for us for years and the last thing we want to do was to hurt them along the way."

The partnership affords Shepherd of the Valley access to Mission's support system and consulting staff, something, she says, they've been missing for years.

"and we're already seeing the results of that partnership and it's really unfolding to be a phenomenal relationship."

Shepherd of the Valley serves about 150 residents and employs about 244 staff members.