Zulima Lopez, at Casper's Public Services Department says she's glad that Casper residents are calling first to verify that a sewer line warranty program introduced by the city is legitimate. Fraudulant offers have become too much the norm and residents are understandably wary.

Lopez says they've fielded a lot of calls since city residents started receiving notices in the mail of the sewer line warranty option.

"Probably our most common question right now, is, 'Is this a legitimate program. Is the city really backing this program? Is it real?', and absolutely it is?

Lopez says the city is coordinating efforts with Sewer Line Warranties of America and the National League of Cities. She says the idea is to offer a warranty, costing about 6 dollars a month, that provides assistance in the event your outside, underground sewer service needs repair. "It's just a protection plan that will help protect them from the unforeseen costs associated with sewer repairs, which can be very, very, expensive."

She says many citizens don't realize they're responsible for maintenance of the entire sewer line, from the house all the way to the city’s main line.

Citizens with questions about the Sewer Line Warranty of America Program should contact them at 866-922-9006 or service@slwofa.com.

.   More information about SLWA is available at www.SLWofA.com.