Members of the Natrona County Parks Board could find themselves directing a new parks manager if talks continue as they did Tuesday.

Board members met with the Natrona County Commission to discuss the idea of creating a separate parks department. Currently parks are part of the Road and Bridge purview.

Board Chair Stuart Hill says lately there's been a lot of activity addressing park issues, that, along with a sense that park assets could be better promoted, have combined to trigger a call for change.

"So does there need to be somebody else to help with parks? Ya, I think that's true. We had somebody in there and it was a big help to us and now that person isn't with us anymore and its all back on Mike."

Hill is referencing Mike Haigler who would continue as head of Natrona County Road and Bridge. Commissioners agreed to meet again with the parks board to work out more details before any action is taken.