Wyoming's senior senator said he was gratified that President Barack Obama's Thursday night speech finally addressed the issue of jobs. However, according to a same-day release from the office of US Sen. Mike Enzi, the president's ideas are actually hurting job growth.

Spending not the answer:

"But I’m disappointed the president’s emphasis is just more spending for programs that haven’t worked. If spending is the answer to the economy we should already be in a major boom."

Sen. Enzi said another problem with the president's approach is over-regulation of business.

Regulatory burden:

"He can start by putting the brakes on radicalized federal agencies like the National Labor Relations Board, which are choking American innovation and job creation with new regulations. With almost 14 million Americans unemployed, the sooner the president realizes that new government regulations are the wrong way to go, the sooner we can help Americans get back to work."

According to the release, the Obama administration put out 1,225 new regulations. Enzi said complying with these new rules will cost businesses $17.7 billion in new costs that will hurt the economy.

Finally on issue:

"After ignoring our nation’s soaring unemployment rate for more than half his term in office, the president needs to address these problems immediately. The president should also provide the support and encouragement small businesses need to hire new employees and expand their operations. We can start by lowering corporate tax rates and reducing the regulatory burden these small businesses face."