A study by congressional committee released Tuesday has confirmed what Wyoming's senior senator has been saying all along, that federal health care reform is too expensive and doesn't reduce the cost of health care. In a released from his office, U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi said the Affordable Care Act is unworkable.

The study titled "Medicaid Expansion in the New Health Law: Costs to the States" estimates the burden to taxpayers will be 118 billion dollars in the next 11 years, according to the release.

Wyoming's share of the tax burden is estimated at 50 million dollars from 2014 to 2019.

Medicaid burden on states:

"The health law will cost Wyoming 50 million dollars for a Medicaid expansion. States, unlike the federal government, can’t print money. Wyoming takes balancing its budget very seriously and this would drop a grenade on the carefully put together plans of Wyoming’s governor and the state Legislature."

Sen. Enzi repeated his call to for Congress to come up with a better solution to the health care crisis.

Bring down cost of health care:

"This is yet another unintended consequence of the health care law and another reason Congress needs to pass a health care bill that will actually help bring health care costs down for states and patients."